Saturday, November 21, 2009


Katharine Cartwright has a new blog. It's called The Twenty Minute Challenge and she challenges us all to paint or draw something around us (can't be a photograph, but something IRL) in 20 minutes, start to finish. Then size it and post it on her blog with the others. She's getting a good group together - heavy on the watercolors so far but I'm going to use this challenge as another way to draw more so only drawing for me for this one.

Come on over and join us.

Thanks, Kathy, for this great idea and new blog.

Here is my simple (looking out the kitchen window at the tree, birdhouse and bird feeders while the birds flitting all around) drawing. It's 6 1/2" x 5 1/2" in my art journal with graphite. Nothing compared to the artwork already on the blog but it's s start.

Here is another little ATC done - wasn't watching the clock on this one but I'm sure it's under the 20-minute mark. Created for my friend, China, after receiving a Thanksgiving card from her.

Now, I must get ready for Life Drawing class today!

For those in the Cincinnati area, the Eden Park Balluminaria is tonight! They place the hot-air balloons around Mirror Lake and light them up at sunset, creating some great photo ops! It shouldn't be too cold this year so try to get out there and see it - and take your camera! Jerry and a few of his photo group friends will be there...


Unknown said...

You're welcome, Rhonda! It's great to post your work along with all the others, and nice to see all different media represented. So far we have oil, gouache, watercolor, pen, and pencil. No acrylics yet! It'll be great to see which bird you sketch next.

RH Carpenter said...

Looking forward to having this give me an extra push to pick up the pencil more often, Kathy :)