Sunday, November 22, 2009


Our model was lovely and curled up into this very challenging position after trying about a few others. As usual, I got the shapes and positions correct but the hand, especially her right hand, and her feet are too small. Ah, learning learning learning!

A neat trick Charles showed us: he took out small mirrors (about 9 x 11 size) for each of us and had us stand with our backs to the model and our drawings to get some distance on both and see them both in the mirror. You could see what was off almost immediately. Of course, then you had to turn around, put the mirror down, and try to readjust those parts that were off! ha ha

Cropped in to show more of her and less of her surroundings here...

Today I'll be using a mirror to draw my hand and/or doing another pouring on the Heart Journey painting.

Or I will be curled up on the sofa, feeling totally sorry for myself for some unknown reason: Hormone fluctuations? Just out of sorts? Coming down with something? Need more chocolate? Who knows?!?

Maybe I should also do another Twenty-Minute Challenge drawing...


Ann Buckner said...

I'm enjoying your life drawing work, Rhonda. What size paper are you using?

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

How about drawing a blanket that covers her lower half, including the small hand and small feet? LOL. That is what I would do, anyway!

Seriously, you are improving each time you do these and will soon be a real pro.

RH Carpenter said...

Ann, thanks :) I'm using my large Aquabee Sketchbook - it's 14 x 17 inches and I put it on a standing easel in class.
Susan, I know what you mean but I'd rather just get more accurate with feet and hands! ha ha