Saturday, February 27, 2021



Remember this one - the one I didn’t know where I should take it?  

Well, it became this:

Not what was expected at all! ha ha 

Thursday, February 25, 2021


While looking for photos buried under piles of paper in my little art room, I found a painting I’d not finished from a Carol Carter workshop I took year’s ago.  In her workshops, she tries to show us how she paints using bold, beautiful, complementary colors to make a painting sing.  So this was the one done in the class.

The second one was started but unfinished, and I obviously wanted to use another palette (more like my own with the blues).  So two for the price of one!

I’ve been finding a few old unfinished paintings in the piles and thought I’d try to finish them just to do it - and, probably, because I don’t have any idea what to paint next!  So it’s really a form of procrastination while accomplishing something! ha ha

Tuesday, February 23, 2021


 I got a couple of art books recently, and I want to recommend this one:

Create Anyway: Become an Empowered Artist and Create with Confidence by David Limrite

I purchased the book on Amazon but you can purchase it on his site, too.  

I am slowly working my way through the 15 chapters, and so many of the sections seem like he’s right beside me telling me these things after I’ve asked a question or run into a problem in my painting.  I found the tone of the book to be more personal than many books I’ve read.  

I often read books about the artist’s mindset and process, etc. and come away thinking, okay.  But this one has something extra, at least for me.  He writes like a friend talking to you who has been there, done that.  He doesn’t preach, doesn’t give you rules you cannot follow, and doesn’t teach you techniques.  He tells you how to show up and work and what to expect and, in spite of everything, to Create Anyway.  Create when your internal critic says you can’t, don’t have time, won’t be able to finish or start or whatever.  

I think it would be a great addition to any artist’s bookshelf and I know this will be one of the books I open and read again after I finish the first reading.  

An added extra is the online information given at the end of some the chapters - you just type in the URL given and it takes you to more insights, truths, and helpful words to help you create whatever you want to create. 

Remember, if you just want technique, you aren’t going to get it here.  But you will get something very valuable to all artists.  If you purchase the book, let me know what you think.

Sunday, February 21, 2021



Another try at portraits.  More brush miles = better painting but portraits are something else as far as challenges so...

still blaming Laura!! ha ha. 

Friday, February 19, 2021



I’m blaming Laura Starrett for making me want to try portraits again.  I just don’t have the light touch and the eyes are always too outlined and dark - and I can find lots wrong with this’s practice and I never practice portraits enough to get really good at it.  Wish I could paint them like Laura does - she has a light touch and I have a heavy touch (and how does Ted Nuttall do his splotchy portraits? - would like to try that but not sure how that works with just circles of color dropped in to make the shapes).  

Oh, well...another one or two to come - just practice and more brush miles...this one is about 1/4 sheet Arches 140# cold press.  Arches and Fabriano are still my favorite papers. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021



Painted on Indigo 140# cold press watercolor paper.  It soaks up the pigment and water and, eventually, it doesn’t want to take any more - so not good for layering or if you have to go over areas to darken, etc.  I’ll figure out what this paper is really good for - maybe.  

I’ve been picking up some different paper just to get in the mood to do something because I’ve just been standing at the window watching the snow and ice fall down lately!!  When will winter be over? ha ha  The weather predictors said we’d get 10-12 inches but got around 9 inches total in 2 days - but more coming this week - whoopie!  

Don’t know about you, but I am not a snow bunny. 

Saturday, February 13, 2021



Using some of the blues I have on my palette and in my art bag.  

This is not an original but one I did after looking at a painting done by one of my favorite artists, Carol Carter.  I couldn’t find a photo of irises but I know I have some - just have to start digging out photos that get buried!

Here is a page of paint swatches of all the dark blues I have now.

Thursday, February 11, 2021



Playing with paper.

(Left the edges showing so you can see how deckled the edges are and how rough it is - this is a fourth sheet.)

This painting is done on Indigo cold press 140# paper and it is very textured.  Not sure why I purchased it, but just have a few half sheets to play with for a while.  I can see it being used for landscapes and things that work well with the texture.

This one, for comparison, is done on Arches hot press 140# paper.  I don’t usually work with hot press but there are some things I like about it.  

Tuesday, February 9, 2021


Another start...what will it become?

Maybe a red bird in front of a lovely rainbow sky?

And there’s room for a bluejay, too.

Sunday, February 7, 2021


The half of the purple and yellow painting I didn’t ruin right away.

I let it sit a while and then added to it - but not too much.

I don’t hate the finished piece.  Sometimes you have to wait and go back to look at it after a rest to see what little it needs.

 It makes me think of spring dancing.

Spring feels like a long way away...but it’s not.  Soon we’ll be seeing crocus, daffodils, forsythia...all those pretty flowers that say spring.  

Friday, February 5, 2021



Got some Dick Blick gift cards for Christmas I was saving - then got another gift card from Dick Blick for birthday so I splurged on pigments and paper (Arches 140# cold press sheets).  

I was not sure why I ordered the Winsor Newton Indigo since I had Daniel Smith Indigo but in checking the colors, I see they are very different.

So I did a little swatch test of the darkest blues.

Looks like the WInsor Newton Indigo and Paynes Gray are very similar.

I may be going into my Blue Period of paintings now. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021



A painting I liked better divided in half.  But then I totally ruined the top one so it was torn and it went in the round bin.

The second one sits and waits for me to figure it out.

Trying to use the minimum of colors/hues and work more with shapes.

Monday, February 1, 2021



Sometimes you don’t know where to take it so this, guess I can paint on the back of the paper! ha ha

And no matter how hard I tried to make this into an orange flower with green leaves, it wanted to be carrots! ha ha