Saturday, March 31, 2018


Just a little nuthatch, a copy of a painting in a magazine.  I liked the angle.  Since it's a copy, can't do anything with it, but it was fun to try to get the belly and feathers painted without overworking.

Of course, this could be a wren?  They usually have the tailfeathers up, so perky with an attitude :)  I like the little Carolina Wrens and they are singing at this time of year - so loud and so pretty.  Seems like all the birds are singing (calling for mates or just happy that spring weather is near?).  

I even saw a mama bluejay feeding a baby the other day - so soon to have babies, but nature never stops for weather conditions.  And it's almost April.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate.  Did you get a new Easter dress or bonnet?  Are your flowers starting to bud and bloom? beginnings.

Thursday, March 29, 2018


Well, these aren't all birds, but it's that time of year for painting Peeps.  I just can't resist because they are so much fun, no matter what color or shape they are.

Guardian Peeps

9 x 9.5 inches
Arches 140# coldpress paper

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


There are a lot of grackles out at the feeders.  When the sun shines on their black feathers, you see that they are not all black.  

Too bad, they are not crows, but they are helping me paint "black" without just black.

This is just a small piece of watercolor (140# coldpress) paper and I painted the background, then drew in the bird using Derwent GraphicTint and InkTense pencils, wetting it to blend a bit.  The feathers show a bit more, doing it this way.  

I may have to try a crow this way next time.  But I think we are in need of some color - so maybe a few cardinals or bluejays or...???

Sunday, March 25, 2018


You know it's that time of year - Peeps are in the stores.  Which means, time to paint some Peeps!  And they are birds :)

Easter Peeps 1, 2018

9 x 9 1.5 inches
Arches 140# coldpress paper

Friday, March 23, 2018


I used the previous flying crow painting as reference for this one.  It was drawn using Daniel Smith's Walnut Ink and then water added to blend that...then watercolor (only Indanthrone Blue).  
I drew out the feathers/lines with a bamboo pen and the walnut ink.  

Much different from the first one (below), where I only used Daniel Smith Lunar Black in the painting and drizzled the lines outward from the back, putting down water and pigment and tilting the painting so everything ran that way.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


A little bunny postcard hopping it's way...a long

The top is the underpainting in gouache and then overlaying some fur using my Inktense pencils and blending a bit to tone down the pink and orange coloring in the underpainting.  

I hope the recipient likes her :)

In spite of another snow accumulation after a day of rain, spring will come - maybe just a bit late.  I guess Mother Nature is telling us, no matter what the date is, She is still in charge!

Monday, March 19, 2018


Another in the crow series, of course.  He's calling to his sweetie, I think, telling her spring is coming :)

Saturday, March 17, 2018


A small (7 x 14 inches) painting of a foggy morning a few autumns ago.  

Here, in Kentucky, we're hoping for spring.  Although winter is still holding on, we are thankful that we didn't get the snowmageddens they got in the northeast over the last few weeks - those poor folks may not see spring until May!

I got off the postcard and/or bird themes with this one...but don't worry, more birds to come! ha ha

And Happy St. Patrick's Day to ya!

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Ready for some Easter bunnies?
I got out my postcards (Jack Richeson blank watercolor cards made up as postcards, ready on the back to address and mail) and decided that Easter was close enough to start thinking about bunnies.

A little flop-earned bunny to start us off.
She looks a little sad.

And this one looks a little grumpy!  Maybe I can't "do" cute??

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Another crow.  
I manipulated this one in my photo program, just for fun, and then painted, using that as a reference.  So he's very blue with a very red sky. 
I like it.  

Sunday, March 11, 2018


Just for fun, I kept at the little bee postcard painting and got it looking halfway presentable.  And then did another.  Not sure about it.  But now I have two bees (or not two bees?).

Friday, March 9, 2018


Using the Fluid Watercolor paper I purchased some time ago for another black bird - not a crow, but still in the Year of the Bird theme, a grackle with a blue patch.  Grackles are rowdy birds that take over the feeders, when they can, and are pretty noisy, but when the sun hits their black feathers you can see those feathers shine with blue and purple and green iridescence.  Still, most people don't like them because they are so pushy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Artists are well-known for sharing their work, either with auctions which go to good causes, or just to each other, each person receiving and giving of the artwork created.  I have been very fortunate to meet, online, artists who have wanted to share their work with me, as I want to share with them.  It is a definite win-win situation.  I have many paintings on my walls from artist/blogger friends, and I cherish each one.

These lovely little birds arrived, out of the blue, as a belated birthday gift to me from my friend and fellow blogger, Sadami.  They flew all the way from Sydney, Australia, to get to me - and it was a wonderful surprise.  Sadami has such a light touch with watercolor - she says, in a few brushstrokes, just what is needed, and no more :)  Love her work - and her illustrations in 2 children's books so far have just brought her name to the forefront in picture book illustration.

And what did she get in return from me?

This little bluejay flying as fast as he can on a postcard I picked up in St. Augustine, Florida.  I hope this little "bluebird of happiness" brings her much happiness through the year.  

But that's not all!  This week also brought me a watercolor and ink painting from Canada and my friend and fellow blogger, Bruce Sherman!  He sent it because, when I discovered his wife, Deb, collects ladybugs, I had to send her my little ladybug on a postcard painting.  

He matted it for me, too, so it's ready to put into a frame and hang on the wall.  

This, also, was a special surprise - not just for the artwork, but for the connections we often make through our blogging and artwork.  One never knows when someone will come along who makes a difference in ones life by just something they think is simple, of no real consequence.  So it always helps to be kind, be open, and be willing to share your talent and skills with others.

I thank you so much, Sadami and Bruce!  I got the better deal on these exchanges, but I hope your little postcards bring you much pleasure in the coming days.  

Oh, and another little postcard is winding it's way to....Scotland.  Look for it in your postbox, Caroline :)  

Monday, March 5, 2018


We all know that art supplies are not cheap - so it's always great to get a gift card for a birthday or Christmas present.  Then you can spend a few minutes choosing some new art supplies (or replacing those things you have about exhausted in your kit).  So for my birthday, I got a gift card from Dick Blick Art Supplies - and bought some replacement pigment (2) and a new watercolor block I've never tried, and 3 new brushes.  I had to kick in a bit of $ for the final cost, but it was fun picking out things.  How about you?  Do you like getting artist gift cards for presents?

(My birthday was in January but the family couldn't get together until February and I just received the things I ordered.)

I also pulled out a pack of Strathmore blank postcards I had with my printmaking paper, along with a block of 6 x 8 inch Fluid Watercolor paper.  I'll be using them to play and make little things to send to friends :) 
 (Caroline, I have your address now and will be sending you something by next week - I imagine it will take a week to get there to snowy Scotland, but one never knows.)

Wish I could share the little bee painting on the postcard, but I ruined it :(  Will try another.

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Darkened some places in the background.  Done.  Looks like he's doing his morning stretches.

Now time to do a little postcard with a bee buzzing on it :)

And it's finally March with hopes of spring!  The last few days of February brought so much rain that the Ohio River went past flood stage and stayed that way for days.  Many streets are closed and some towns along the Ohio have homes flooded - and yet, people still are shown trying to drive through 3 feet of water and having to be rescued.  Hope it dries out for everyone soon.

Thursday, March 1, 2018


March makes me think of spring, which makes me think of painting Peeps.  But for now, I'll start a little bee on postcard.

This is not a vintage postcard, but one I picked up when we saw the Hemingway House in Key West, Florida years ago.