Friday, November 27, 2009


I added some pieces of a paper, lacy heart to the painting and then darkened more around the edges. I think it's done for now. Time to let this one go and look at it again later on. I might like to replicate the laciness of those paper heart pieces here and there in the background later.

But right now I'm also working on a portrait for the Colorful Watercolor group and I need to slow down and make this work...I tried to do it with dabs of paint like Jeanette Jobson, but I couldn't stop putting dabs here and there and then the skin was covered again. I think her style must take more patience and ability to know when to stop :)

Portraits look spooky if you show them before the eyes are done!

So I put them in and worked a bit more (will definitely change the yellow swirls that mimic her hair - don't like how that turned out and it happened because I was lifting off the color after adding more pigment to her hair while it was still too wet so it bled and blurred outwards - again, a lack of patience!)

There is still a dab of miskit in each eye and on some of her teeth.

I wonder if she'll know this is her - if she checks this blog? Hmmm....we'll see!


Vicki Greene said...

I like you lacy touches to your heart painting and your portrait is looking good. I really like how you did bottom part.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Vicki. I like that drizzly look a lot and tend to fade out the bottom that way when I think of it. I'll work some more on this tomorrow.