Friday, November 20, 2009


To recap - I poured miskit on dry 300# Arches watercolor paper (1/2 sheet). Let that dry and then spritzed the paper and poured on Hansa Yellow Light (a thin mix of pigment and water in a baby food jar). Let that dry and respritzed and poured Quinacridone Rose. After that dried, I reapplied more miskit in heart shapes and spritzed it around. That dried.

Next step = Spritzed the paper and poured Pyrrol Red on the inside of the painting and a bit of Quinacridone Burnt Scarlet on the outside edges of the painting. I let that dry and then took a brush full of Cobalt Blue and put that into a little misting bottle, mixed it with water to fill it up and sprayed the edges of the painting with the Cobalt Blue to tone it down and push it back.

That has to dry and then I'm going to remove all of the miskit and see if I like what I have in those shapes. Then I'll do more direct painting and no more pouring. That's my plan, anyway!

Miskit is off and I like some of the shapes but I need to get some more of that blue back in there and bring out the hearts a bit more...little by little, I think, taking my time so I don't just slap paint over everything. With all the drawing gum/miskit off (it's a grey-blue color), it really changed the color of the whole painting!


Chris Beck said...

Removing the misket is always a surprise -- the color of the Pebeo can be quite deceptive. I like what you're doing here and I'm super glad to hear that you got such good news from the cardio people!!

RH Carpenter said...

Chris, it was a surprise - I don't miskit much except when doing this pouring technique and I was liking the colors before all that blue-grey miskit came off! Will have to go in with a nice blue-grey pigment and put some here and there.
Janay, thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

Barb Sailor said...

Oh - I love pouring - this is fascinating.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Barb. I'm glad you're enjoying it. Will get more done Sunday.

debwardart said...

Happy to hear your good news (I have been worried about you). And am liking this heart painting - it is "like a Christmas present" when you remove the miskit (as my friend says!) Looking forward to seeing where you take it.
Also - put me down for that spring trip to Shaker Village!!!

Vicki Greene said...

Watching a poured painting is quite facinating. I am amazed at the color change and very curious to see how you develop it.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Deb and Vicki! Deb, you're in - let's go in May and do tell Sharon she's invited :)