Monday, July 6, 2009


Just doing some sketching in my Exacompta book for the PALS group who are trying to do more sketching together. We are to show our homes, work, neighborhoods, etc. Anything personal to us.

Spent the rainy day Friday watching Andy Roddick beat Andy Murray at just did a quick pen and ink sketch of that - no, it doesn't look like Roddick in the far court - and no, it doesn't look like very good perspective on the court itself, but that's why we're doing this = to get better :) Poor, Andy, that's why he couldn't beat Roger Federer - his legs were too bowed to be able to cover the court! ha ha

After that (and how bad it was), I tried another and did the top of my front door as seen from my livingroom and then the top of one of my bookcases. I don't like the perspective on the door and frame but I'm not too ashamed of the bookcase and books.

All done with a hokey Pitt Pen that skips and I don't like - need to get another pen with a fine line to use.

Today is such a day,
I get to have more blood drawn (where is that icon for the vampire when you need it?) for another test per my cardiologist's orders. I'm getting tired of this stuff and have gone back to a plant-based diet (can't eat anything with a face or a mother or products of such so no dairy or eggs and no meat of any kind) to see if I can get myself healthy again and strong. So far I've lost another 5 pounds - not bad - and don't feel weak or tired but am more sensitive to things that cause problems (like trying to eat just one little piece of dark chocolate and getting a migraine almost immediately - boo hooo!!!!!)

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