Friday, July 3, 2009


I received this very pretty notecard and a wonderful art card from Margaret Ann - oh, the atc is so much prettier in person than you can see here in the scan! Titled "Stained Glass Blossom Series #3," it is a complex yet delicate sunflower. I love the blue but also am in love with the curling vine around the stem.

Thank you so much, MA/Peg :) Hope you get mine soon and enjoy it as much as I will enjoy this one. I now have 3 of your wonderful art cards!!!

The artists I have met in this blog-o-sphere have been so generous with their talent and skills and their knowledge, too. I'm always so pleased to have positive things to spice up the day and overpower the negative we see sometimes in our lives.
For my sketch of the finches on the feeder, I just couldn't leave them in graphite - too boring! So took some pastel pencils I got at one of the watercolor society "flea market sales" and put some color on them. I may have done too much (not sure how to work well with pastels yet) but I like the touches of color better than the graphite. This is in my Exacompta 5 1/2" x 8" sketchbook.


soulbrush said...

yes, peg's art is amazing.and your wonderful atcs plopped through my door yesterday too. wow! i will post them for next thankful thursday! thanks so very much.

RH Carpenter said...

YAY, Soul! Glad they arrived :)

Margaret Ann said...

Mine arrived too Rhonda...and to my delight I had a sheep for my field of hay bales...So cute! The hay bales were absolutely dynamite...these cards in person as so very powerful aren't they!:)

Have a happy 4th! :)

RH Carpenter said...

Baaaaa baaaaa, Peg! I couldn't send you a hayfield without a few sheep, could I? ha ha Glad you enjoyed it. I painted it a while back and was going to give it to my chiropractor (but kept forgetting) - I was going to write on it: Thanks, Doc, for having my baaaaack! ha ha