Sunday, July 26, 2009


I drove over to Marilyn Bishop's house yesterday in a thunderstorm, the sky darkening more and more as I got closer to her neighborhood. Finally, the deluge happened and the lightning dashed across the sky, painting the dark grey clouds with zigzags of bright white. Very impressive. And so was the line to get into Starbucks drive-through! So passed that up and went for a hot mocha McCafe from McDonald's - not bad but probably not allowed on my diet - hey, sometimes you have to break the rules :)

The print I made - 7 1/2 x 11 1/2 - did not turn out to be a winner so I worked more on it when I got home (after I got past the migraine that was starting earlier). Still needs some darks and I have another idea for it - it may be worth spending another hour on it to see if I can pull it out of it's ugly stage.

And I got a very pale "ghost print" on rice paper after I pulled the first print and that will probably show up in a collage piece some time in the future.

I got to meet Carla Trujillo while there - she came to do some of her printmaking and had a very successful print with numbers and whites added - lot of depth and interest so I hope she shares it on her blog.

And I came home with a little French Press Marilyn didn't want - so pretty - and some delicious Heritage tomatoes her husband grows (he is one serious gardener and has a lovely garden and fruit trees). We got to taste some of her tomatoes for lunch, too - yummy!

What do you think? A potential painting in this? I think so!


Kathy Wirth said...

Great photo! Do paint!

RH Carpenter said...

I've got a couple of photos of tomatoes and this little press - I know they'll make their way into a painting soon.

soulbrush said...

i read this after the newer one, and wow what a difference in your print. i can see how much you worked on it, fantastic. and so lucky to get to meet these others and share this with them. hugs from london.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Soul :) It was fun and glad I worked on it a bit more. Sometimes I can't pull off something I'm already dissatisfied with but this time it worked.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

My first reaction is I love the contrast of colours - my second wish the tomatoes were only on one side and maybe piled up rather than all side by side... but theres certainly a painting waiting to be achieved here. Enjoyed what you did to your print woodland when you got home... and like its title.

RH Carpenter said...

Joan, I took several photos of the set-up, moving the tomatoes around, so maybe have one that is less surrounded :) Thanks for your comments on this and the print :)