Friday, July 24, 2009


A bit darker blush on some of the petals in areas - not all. And then began the green leaves. Still reading much warmer than it is but can't do much about it - I've tried every white balance setting on the camera and it's too big to scan (the scanner would probably make it too yellow since that is its favorite color!).
Will work on this more today.
While visiting some of my favorite blogs this morning, I realized the painting icon is not showing up for many of them on the blogroll. Not sure why...nothing I've done so I assume Blogger will fix that soon. Check out the blogroll - I've added some new ones in the past few days you may not have seen yet. (I tend to delete those whose blogs I comment on several times but never get a reply - that may seem petty but I'm trying to keep the roll down to a manageable level and those bloggers who post their work but never reply to any comments makes me wonder why they even allow comments? Does anyone else feel that way or is it just me?)


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

I agree with you, if someone takes the time to comment on something on my blog I think they should be acknowledged. At first I didn't always comment, but then realized that I didn't like it when others didn't comment on my comments so decided I should return the favor! I'm still a believer in karma!

Dawn said...

your mags are looking good Rhonda.
I always try to get around to my blog roll. Summer is a busy time around here.

Angela said...

It bothers me too - but I've heard others say that they don't assume that people come back to the comments section of a post they've already commented on - so I try not to feel too offended.

Still, I like it being acknowledged much better. I guess that I like the sense of 'conversation' that can get going on some blogs - I find those conversations about a post much more interesting than the posts themselves usually and the blogs that get those going are the ones I frequent the most.

Even if I'm just lurking - not always part of the conversation myself. :)

This painting is looking great, btw. I love to see the progress of your work.

Anonymous said...


I agree that if they do not want comments they can always turn off the comment part of the post, or they could at least give a general reply like "thanks everyone" yet sometimes I think because most artist to be better at painting then conversing,or writing they feel exposed or vunerable, so they do not reply, but in general I think they could at least acknowledge the replies.

Well enough talking about that, looking forward to see how this painting turns out.

Angela said...

Hey there! I cannot figure out how to email you for the life of me - and I'm embarassed to admit that I have no idea what LMK means - LOL!

I would love to trade ATCs with you! I don't have a lot, but you can look here and see if you like anything

Actually, I'd look tomorrow as I have a few that I won't get a chance to post until then!

They're fun, aren't they? I have one coming from Margaret and I can't wait until it gets here!


Chris Beck said...

Hi Rhonda,
I'd noticed the same thing - that some blog updates don't show icons, even though the blogs have art posted. I think Blogger won't display icon images that are uploaded via Flickr. At least that was the conclusion after a friend who normally uses Flickr tried uploading directly to Blogger. That time her icon appeared. I suspect they want you to use their site - Picasa.

As a rule, I try to respond to blog comments, but sometimes a comment comes in long after the date of the post and then I'm less likely to reply. I agree that it's nice when bloggers leave at least a brief comment because then you know they read the readers' comments.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Susan, Dawn and Paul for your comments re: comments and replies. I'm glad I'm not the only one.
Angela, going to look at your atcs and then share some of mine - this weekend - so we can have a trade!

RH Carpenter said...

Hey, Chris...your post came in at the same time mine did or something - didn't see it until after I'd replied. I know what you mean about posts coming in later and you missing them - I have them sent to my email and then I read the title so I know where to go to reply but I may have missed some along the way if they were days or weeks after the fact (which does happen). Besides, you keep up fine! I've found that the people posting here with responses are ones who are good at replying to comments on their blogs :) I like to think friendships can be made online between artists this way if the time is taken - but maybe that's not what most artists are looking for but are just looking for a new place to show their artwork so they have a webpage and blogger and other venues.