Friday, July 3, 2009


So we did the Science Museum, then the Zoo and the Art Museum. The next day we did the Missouri Botanical Garden (, getting up at 6 am so we could get there and walk around before the heat index rose above 100F again. I was not pleased about this, but once I got there and saw everything there was to see and walked through the Chinese garden and the Japanese garden, I was in a better mood...and it was still before noon so not unbearably hot before we got inside to the Climatron and cooled down a bit.

The garden folks liked their Dale Chuhuly glass pieces and they were inside the entrance area, over the formal garden arches and in the pond outside the Climatron.

They did look nice in the lotus pond with some great reflections. And speaking of lotus thought the lotus in Kentucky were good but here, in the Japanese garden area, were hundreds of lotus blooming and they were standing so tall and thick it was enough to take your breath away (or maybe that was the heat?).

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