Wednesday, May 23, 2012



Photo by Jerry H. Carpenter


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jerry and Rhonda,
Wow! Another wonderful photo. It ought to be on the cover of one of the many nature magazines out there.
Or maybe a romance novel. It's just that good!
Enjoy your Wednesday, you two!

Claire said...

awww, so cute xxx

Carol Blackburn said...

These can't be two of the little fellas you raised......can they?

Sadami said...

Hi, Rhonda,
Sooo good!! But if they were a couple like you...sooo romantic!

Heather said...

So cute! You made me smile.

RH Carpenter said...

Gary, thanks! I feel that way about many of Jerry's photos but he doesn't enter any contests for magazines.

Thanks, Claire, Sadami, and Heather :)

Carol, no, these are not the 2 we were raising. One of those died recently (still very tiny things) and one will be released this weekend. The tree frogs are chirrupping every night out by the pool and Jerry's seen a couple so...time to release the little one left and hope he or she (how does one tell with tiny frogs?) makes it on her own with her troop :) said...

I love Jerry's photographs.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Carol. I'll pass on the positive comments to him :)