Monday, May 14, 2012


I've come to the conclusion that I, alone, am causing the stress on myself about the upcoming juried show entries.  I'm going to stop that now.  If the work gets done and I like it enough, I will enter it.  If not, then I won't enter it.  It is not about the shows.  It is about the work.  The thought of the show is keeping me from being motivated to do anything because I feel like I SHOULD be working on these two.  I'm going to stop thinking about that and just think about the work and what I want to do - where I want to go - next.

Here is what I have so far.  As you can see, neither has much work done to them at all.  I'm unsure about the Caw Girl attempt.  Perhaps the failed one is what is causing me problems.  Perhaps it's that dress.  Don't care.  Not going to waste precious mental effort on it, either way.

I think the Jester painting will work out.

I've also come to the conclusion that blogger buddies don't always give you the hard facts.  They are too kind, too gentle, too aware that they may hurt your feelings about a piece you're working on.  We all do it.  It's a symptom of not knowing people that well and just communicating via a blog comment.  But I wouldn't mind at all if you wanted to be more honest and say, "This piece is not working because...." or "I think you got off track somewhere because..." when a piece really sucks.  Of course, that is with the stipulation that I know it's just one opinion or two.  If several people point out the same problems, I'll know there's a problem there :)

Thank you all for the supportive comments and commiserations on my procrastination and displacement behaviors.  Unfortunately, I have some phone calls and emails for the watercolor society to take care of before I can go to my art room and paint...but that is what I plan to do later today!

Have a great week!


Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Rhonda, love the Jester Caw Girl theme and think this will be great. I think the other one is too much like the one you did before and that could be why you are having difficulties. I know from my own experience that I cannot do another version of a painting and feel the same way about it or have it come out just as good. Something happens and it looses it's sense of wonder and accomplishment. I would move on to something else. I know you will find your way with this.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Rhonda, I'm loving where you have got to with with your Jester/crow painting. The zigzagging angles of the hip to elbow to head through the crows posture is rather exciting and unbalancing. (ambiguous like your caw girls attitude - is she taken by surprise or being bolshy? - I like that you keep me guessing. ) Just wondering if the overall dimension are going to be narrowed to accentuate this? My opinion would be that a more traditional rectangle would detract.
I hope you got some painting in today..

Caroline Simmill said...

Hi Rhonda I was thinking about you today wondering if you had come to a conclusion about the show. I agree with Carol the Jester Caw girl is very striking work, the crow has life as he stands there and the figure work is very good too, great character with an edge! I think the girl with the crows needs the expression on the girls face to be strong, making a statement. It could be you feel shy about letting go and really painting some dark and exciting work perhaps thinking that safe flower arrangements would go down better! You got to be true to who you are as an artist, it is not easy but you will find once you give yourself permission to paint what truely inspires you then the paint will simply flow from the brush. Paint for you and then decide if you want to exhibit it at the show. Looking forward to seeing the next stages!

Unknown said...

" It is not about the shows. It is about the work. " -- what a great reminder. I think your painting is coming along nicely. I like that it tells a story.

Autumn Leaves said...

Well, I think both are coming along fabulously. The only thing I can see that seems a bit off in the first photo (the Caw Girl piece) is her boobs. Can't quite figure out what is wrong with them, but they seem kind of lopsided or something. That is the only thing I see even remotely out of whack. And my eyes aren't ones to take seriously anyway. I mean, look at the drivel I turn out! LOL

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much, Carol, Lisa, and Caroline, for your comments on these. I don't like the first one - there is something off about her body that I can't seem to get right. I probably need to go back to the drawing board OR just put this one aside OR just paint it for fun and let the other one be the one to take care with.

Thanks, Jenny, and Sherry! Sherry, your work is NOT drivel!!! And you are right about her boobs - they don't look right! And that's what's holding me back - knowing the drawing is not right (or the drawing was okay but in the process of painting I've done something odd with her body!!). So - we'll see about the other one and just finish this one for fun and relaxation, knowing it won't go anywhere. Maybe I'll learn something along the way.

I appreciate the honest opinions given on these!!!

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Yes, I see where the similar Caw Girl could cool your jets. If too close to the original than production mode could set in... becoming not fun!

Jester Caw on the other hand is very exciting. Paint madly away!