Monday, January 19, 2009

When Your Painting Has the Awwww Factor

I just checked Ali Cavenaugh's blog and she has a couple of paintings there that definitely have the "awwww" factor! Not only that, but they are so well painted! Check them out - and be prepared to say, "Awwww!"

Nothing to share in sketches or paintings today - I've been working on a painting SWAP for a group and am creating another group (I must be insane!) to learn about and discuss and share COLOR :) So doing some reading and writing and also painting swatches - you know, it's harder than it looks to get a good color chart without getting blossoms and runbacks! Especially when you have Rushing Rhonda Syndrome :)
So - what's YOUR favorite color?


Dawn said...

hey Rhonda,I have lots of favorite colors but I have decided that light is my favorite color. thats all just light....

Angela said...

can I choose two?
Lately my favorites have been:
1)the green that's created by mixing Holbein's Peacock Blue with W&N Naples Yellow. It's a really soft, opaque sea/grayish green.

2)the purple created from Peacock Blue and Opera Pink (both Holbein).

Both very happy colors.

carol said...

Cobalt turquoise is the flavour of the month.

RHCarpenter said...

Dawn, for a photographer, I can see how light would be your favorite color, definitely :)
Angela, those sound like very lovely choices although I don't use Opera - I am, instead, in love with Rhodonite Genuine by Daniel Smith.
Carol, cobalt turquoise sounds like a very good favorite, too!

shicat said...

Hi Rhonda, I just bought a batch of new paints from Daniel Smith, mostly phthalos and Quinacridones, I love all of them. I have also rediscovered cad red,cad yellow and scarlet lake all WN. Over the holiday I made a chart of most of my WN colors, I need to do the same with DS. Color,for me is mesmerizing.Oh,I just saw carols favorite and I must say love cobalt turq. light. too WN

debwardart said...

Favorite colors - Quin. Gold and Indanthrone by Daniel Smith!
Have seen the works by Ali Cavanaugh - amazing! She paints on Aquabord (used to be called claybord). I've just done a painting on it, and I do like the surface.
Can you give me more info about your new group you are forming???

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I think the answer to your question is definitely aqua soft bluey greens. Yes, agreed colour swatches do take patience and cleanliness to avoid contaminating colours as you go, but there is a method I teach my group members when we are discussing colour theory.

RHCarpenter said...

Cathy, I love getting new colors but am trying to stay away from buying every tube DS makes :) He does make it hard, though! I do try to avoid Cads - too toxic and I've heard they shouldn't even be washed down the sink :(

Deb, I'll email you about the group - would love to have you join us. I do like Quin Gold and Indanthrone, too, using it in other things but not much as a 1 to 1 mix - but I might have to try that.

Joan, your colors sound soft and feminine. I'll have to ask about your technique for your groups :)