Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Unfinished Moley Doodle #11

It's either not finished, or I like it like this, fading off to just the single lines. Take your pick.

You know, in looking at the Trickle Down painting, I've decided it lacked certain things, mainly:

I had a perfect chance to get some real rhythm going in the positioning of the blooms and I didn't do it = they are too static and similar.

The background should have remained the background. I should leave well enough alone with dealing with the background, and not make it more important than it should be.

Misket is a tool and I need to learn to soften and work with it carefully, not just slap dash it on and think I can make it work later when I have bright white lines with hard edges.

So - it wasn't a successful painting - but it was a learning experience and I think I'll give it another go. Going off to check the backside of that painting and see how the Twinrocker held up (if it's clean enough, I'll use it for the next try).


Angela said...

I like it fading off like it does - makes a good statement I think.

I think you've gotten me hooked on these by the way. I'd never heard of zentangles until I read about them here - and they're actually very similar to what I already do in my moleskine - but combining the whole 'zentangle' theory with my doodles has made them so much more satisfying and fun to do----
unfortunately much more addicting also, so not quite sure whether to actually thank you... :)

RHCarpenter said...

Angela, there is something addictive about it but it does make me feel productive, even when on the sofa watching t.v. but still doodling :) As I told Joan, I did go back in and fiddle with it a bit - I don't think I ruined it but couldn't leave it alone. I'll post the finished piece later.