Friday, January 2, 2009

Sketching for the New Year?

Apparently, each new year I tell myself I'm going to do more sketching. So I picked up my Moleskine sketchbook last night and, while partcially watching football games, I doodled. Several bloggers have gotten the Zentangle bug (see Myrna Wacknov's blog for more info and check out Joan Sandford-Cook's own take on it) from their site and are trying it. But I just doodled. My little brain won't wrap about the Zentangle premise and how it's done and I don't think I'll buy a $50 kit from the makers to learn.

Anyway, I had only 4 other sketches in this Moley - all dated 1/08! ha ha
So January seems to be the time when I think I'll sketch more and try - for about 4 days.

Here's my New Year's sketch - I might do another (there are a lot of football and basketball games on these days). I see a crazy face/mask with a curly beard and a long moustache - not what I was thinking about but that's what came out of the doodles.

I do sketch but maybe it's this Moleskine book which has never made me fall in love with it, not even so much as infatuation for a while. I prefer by Exacompta sketchbook because it has more body and more texture and the paper makes me want to draw on it.


Suzanne McDermott said...

Your sketchbook entries are like anyone's local gym. They're both packed for the first month of the year. I like your doodle, though. And I seem to remember responding to some comment you made (last January?) about the Moleskine sketch books. That paper is too resistant to media, especially pencil. Plus, personally, I don't like the color of the paper. You might want to try pen (maybe felt tip) to see how you like that. If you're sold on the moleskine, you might see how you like drawing on their watercolor notebooks.

Suzanne McDermott said...

PS. Regarding Zentangles... I've been doodling in such a manner all my life. There's nothing new to this, just a repackaging of a human habit with particular rules, product and commercial appeal. IMHO You're right to not rush out an buy anything, just do your own thing and develop that!

RHCarpenter said...

You're right, Suzanne. I'll never love the Moleskines like some people do - the paper is too smooth and slick. I may try ink and see if I like it better that way. I just had to have a sketchbook after hearing so many people who love them - but I don't understand the praise at all. I also have a watercolor notebook and have rarely used that - impulse buy - ha ha
The Zentangle folks seem to be giving seminars and teaching this stuff, too - I'm like you = just do it!

Chris Beck said...

I think you've captured the Nutcracker!! But definitely an updated look -- not so 19th century. I totally identify with the short-lived drawing/sketching impulse -- and with buying a special sketchbook to boot!! I have to admit I've done this more than once myself.