Saturday, January 10, 2009

Moley Doodle #7 + Nude Sketch

I think this is number 7. I wasn't happy with it so added ink after I colored it. Still wasn't happy so you can see I gave up at the bottom. Maybe it would look better flipped with the uncolored on top - no, it doesn't. Oh, well...on to the next one.

My friend, Ann, is working on her sketching/drawing techniques and clued me in on the WetCanvas Drawing Forum that is using a photo of a nude for everyone to sketch and share. I wanted to try it so, while sitting in front of the computer monitor with the photo on, I sketched this in my moleskine. I didn't think it was too bad...

until I printed out a copy of the original photo from WetCanvas (photo by Nickholas Muray 1892-1965), and my sketch, side-by-side in 5 x 7 size. Her head is sooo small! And I've given her move room from lower breast to middle line so, in essence, lifted her breasts too high on her chest. You really have to check and double check your drawings to get it right. And, I didn't measure anything, just drew it from looking (it helps also to measure).

It did give me a break from the moley-doodles, though. I think I'll go in and make the changes today to make it more accurate.


Ann Buckner said...

Way to go Rhonda. Doing these and then comparing to the reference or live model, then making the corrections, helps us each time we sketch to more accurately judge what we see, don't you think?

jane said...

Hi Rhonda!
Hey her breasts are just "perky"!
Take care,

RHCarpenter said...

Ann, it does really helps me see what I'm not getting right. Spent so much time trying to get the position of the head, the size, and the nose/mouth this evening that it gave me a migraine!
Jane, she looks too young to worry about perky breasts so I think I should have left them where they belong :) In later years, she'll thank me.