Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moley Doodle #22 + Homework

I started out with some "bling" inspired by one of the news anchors - nothing on TV until afternoon yesterday but weather information and news. It was bad all over.

Not going anywhere today, either. Poor Betty-Blue is buried and we haven't tried to dig her out yet. The driveway is icy and snowy and it's cold and - not used to this kind of weather here.

Have you dug out yet? Or are you somewhere warm and sunny, with a beach and wearing shorts and a tee-shirt?

Oh, well, I have homework to do for class Tuesday - that is, if we have class Tuesday (it seems like Tuesdays are really Snowdays around here lately). I need to get the Crescent board Sandy gave us all for a Christmas present, draw what I want to paint on it and then pour the misket on it to get ready for class. Think I'll do that - instead of sit around and veg out like I did yesterday.


Suzanne McDermott said...

Today's doodle looks dangerous! Chains, sharp objects and all that. Maybe you're in the digging out mentality....

I need a caption for today's cat!

Angela said...

Well, all that snow is beautiful anyway!

We got snow last night, but just a little. We've had quite a few times of being snowed in so far this winter - more than usual, even for northern MN.

As long as there's plenty of hot chocolate and chili fix'ins I love snow days! Such a great excuse to do nothing but paint!

Chris Beck said...

Well, it certainly isn't any warmer where I am this week, but we haven't been having any storms. Glad you're not struggling without power.

I'm really enjoying all your moley doodles!! Very lively and creative!

RHCarpenter said...

Suzanne, I guess I was thinking of pickaxing out of the ice! ha ha
Angela, I need to know I can get out, whether I need to get out or not - it's just a mental thing with me!
Thanks, Chris. I keep doing them so I guess I'm enjoying them, too, or they are calming me down at times?