Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January in northern Kentucky

About 3 inches of snow by Tuesday morning, then a sleety rain staight through to Wednesday morning which coated the trees and cars and everything except the cat. Power outages around our area but we're still up and running - for now.
The sound of cracking limbs all around makes one a bit nervous but what can you do? Just hope nothing big comes down on the roof and know the cars aren't under trees so they are okay. (I saw one poor person on the news this morning who had woken to find a power pole through the back window of her car! Surreal looking.)

And now the sleet has turned to huge goose feathers of snow falling slowly through the air. I wouldn't be surprised to have 8 inches on the ground by this evening. The weathermen/women got this one right.

So tell me, which one of you really ticked off Mother Nature?

Watch out for falling branches. Look down where you're walking so you don't slip and fall. Drive slowly. Better yet, stay inside and stay safe!

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