Sunday, January 25, 2009


My friend, Susan M., from British Columbia, had a birthday yesterday.

My friend, China, from Indiana, had a birthday earlier this month, as did my friend, Teresa, from Spain.

My step-daughter, Moe, from Cincinnati, had a birthday mid-month.

And tomorrow is my birthday. These things are happening too quickly now and I don't get half as many TOYS as I should :)

Today, I am having my mother, sister and BIL over for a meal and some cake (Mom's bringing the cake - homemade from scratch carrot cake - yum!!!). It should be fun. If we get a chance, we are going to play Pythonopoly - a monopoly game with Monty Python characters and sayings and things from The Holy Grail movie. Things like:
Bring me some shubberies!
We are the Knights that say NEE!
You stupid English k-niggg-ettts, your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!
Run away! Run away!

Total nonsense and fun :)

Well, the best laid sister is sick so can't come which means just my Mom here. And that's fine...but no games. We'll just have a quiet time to visit :)

When is your birthday???


Deb Léger said...

Happy Birthday, Rhonda! Mat and Zach are both python-addicts! Mat's email addy is knights_who_say_nee. LOL! They'd love to play that with you.

Hope your birthday is wonderful and that you get some toys.

Bonny said...

Hi Rhonda;

Since you asked when is our birthday...mine is the same as yours - tomorrow!! (Jan. 26)

I'll be having a medical check up in the morning and then being invited to lunch by some friends. Haven't a clue what hubby has planned yet. Last night a friend had us over to her place for dinner to celebrate 2 birthdays (mine and another friends').

So hey!! Have a super time with your Mom and do something extra nice, just for yourself tomorrow.

Happy (early) Birthday!!!! May this new year of your life be everything you hope it will be.

RHCarpenter said...

Well, I'm glad today is not my real birthday but tomorrow. Today was a total bust! My sister couldn't come because she was sick, so of course, her hubby didn't come. So just Mom, right? Except 1 hour before she was to come over it began snowing - hard - solid blanketing snow that didn't look like it was going to stop. And it continued until after 2:30 pm - just enough to make us cancel her driving over. So, as the Buddhists say, Everything is impermanent, and all things change. Sure did! Guess we'll try next weekend...maybe.
Love Python - so silly and so clever - nothing to compare to them since they got older and disbanded. Bring me a shrubbery!!! ha ha Or maybe Eddie Izzard's comedy routines come close: Cake or Death? Oh, I'll have cake, please! ha ha

Happy birthday, Bonny! Hope your day tomorrow is super with no problems, no cancellations, and no snow or ice or weather problems putting a damper on your day. I have no idea what DH is planning, if anything.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Have a very relaxing, enjoyable birthday. You deserve it for sure.

Myrna said...

Happy early birthday. Mine are piling up so fast can't remember a thing. I was afraid I wouldn't remember tomorrow to send the greeting. As a wise person once said, everyday you wake up on the right side of the grass is a good day. Hope the coming year brings you joy in your life and in your art. Toys are good too!

Ann Buckner said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda! Hope your day is all you could want it to be.

Lost in wonder said...

Happy birthday Rhon!

What a pitty that your sis is ill, hope she gets well soon.

BTW why on earth there's no such thing as Pythonopoly here in Spain!?

Vicki Greene said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda! Wishing you a very special day.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Happy Birthday today Rhonda - Sandy told us the secret. Hope you enjoyed the carrot cake yesterday and your mum's visit. oooops! just read the earlier comments and the weather changing all your plans. That way your sister can join you to celebrate next weekend with your mum after all. Mine in fact is next Sunday (1st Feb) - hope weather doesnt stop my daughter and three girls coming over. And happy birthday to Bonny too.

RHCarpenter said...

Wow, you all are so kind to send me birthday greetings! Thank you so much :) All of my online friends are sending HB wishes and it really does make a difference, lifts your spirit, makes you know there are people out there who would be sharing a slice of cake and a cup of coffee/tea with you today - if they could :)