Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wednesday, December 26, 2007 - Kwanzaa + Boxing Day

Happy Kwanzaa + Happy Boxing Day

Christmas is over, the presents have been unwrapped and the enormous amounts of food have been eaten (well, we tried to eat it all, piggies that we are! :) I got artist things: a block of Fabriano extra white Artistico paper, Virtual Poser 3 (shows models on your computer screen you can draw, paint, or just print out for reference), and a Daniel Smith gift certificate - so I'm ready to rock and roll!!!

Back to the gym for me today with a brand new pedometer - counting those steps - and brand new shoes. Jerry got a ZenStonePlus (mp3 player) and we oldtimers finally figured out how to get it to work and downloaded some music from cds last night so he's ready for the treadmill. I figure between us, we need to work off about 5,000 calories from the 24th and 25th (and I didn't even have the chicken wings or the persimmon pudding with real whipped cream).

I finished the madrone tree today. I really needed a warm yellow for that central part that is smooth, where the bark pulls away and shows the red underneath the "peels" but didn't have one so here it is. I put the Periwinkle in the background as a thin, pale wash.

And I can't finish one without choosing the next 3 colors which are:

Ultramarine Violet
Tigers Eye Genuine


Nava said...

Nice moody tree bark.

Persimmon pudding with real whipped cream - sounds really good!

Enjoy your DS certificate (although I suspect you have all their colors ;-)

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Nava. It just needs a touch of warm yellow to make it more realistic but those are the 3-color challenge drawbacks :)
Oh, I quit buying every new color from DS a couple of year's ago so I know they've come out with another 100 or so since then :) hee-hee I stick now with my usual subjects of a warm and cool yellow, a warm and cool red, a warm and cool blue, and some odd colors that make good darks or some good granulating colors.