Monday, December 24, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007 - Christmas Eve

Sharing these thoughts with you (from :

Kindness is an ideal that is easily accessible to all of us. We all know that a small kindness can make our journeys lighter and more enjoyable. Even bringing an instance of kindness to mind can put a smile on your face days or weeks later or perhaps even inspire you to share kindness with another. Though it may seem simple to the point of insignificance, many cultures throughout the world and history have recognized kindness as a powerful virtue. It may be the simplest way to experience and share all the grandest ideals of humanity. We can make the choice to act from the best place within ourselves at any time, while simultaneously recognizing the highest potential in another with the smallest of acts, nourishing the seed of hope in each soul we encounter. In a way, kindness acts as the oil that makes the engine of our world move more smoothly and with less friction. We can still get where we are going but the ride is more pleasant, and those around us can share in the ideal world that we help to create. We are all fortunate that kindness is limitless in its supply and available to everyone.

May you all share many kindnesses throughout the holidays and in the coming New Year.

And here's what I've been doing today.

1) Worked on the hair of the Pretty Hat painting. Now she doesn't look so much like she has Elvis sideburns behind her ear! You can lift the color but it took a bit of rubbing (I think because Phthalo Blue is staining and that was in the mix).

2) The Hay Doodles and Sheep painting - another 3-color challenge painting and the colors weren't very exciting (Burnt Umber + Quinacridone Burnt Orange + Zoisite Genuine), but I did my best.

And then the next 3 colors drawn out of the hat are:

Quinacridone Magenta + Periwinkle + English Red Ochre. I've forgotten how many of these I've done - is this # 7 or #8?


Nava said...

I see you're a fellow frequent-buyer of Daniel Smith, and like me, have some exotic colors in your selection.

The new color triplet is interesting - the opaque periwinkle and English Red Ochre next to the very transparent Quin Magenta can yield exciting results.

Merry Christmas!

RH Carpenter said...

Merry Christmas, Nava! When I started painting - about 5 years ago - I just had to have every new color Daniel Smith came out with. Now I've learned to mix and try to use only single pigment colors when I buy a tube - but I have all these tubes from my buying frenzy days! The periwinkle is very very opaque and the only other time I've used it was in a Janet Rogers workshop - she uses is very wet and pale, dropping into shadow areas when the area is still wet. It works for her and I know how to do it but my preference now is using opaque colors if they are granulating. Thanks for stopping by! Quin Magenta is one of my favorites always out on my palette.