Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday, December 9, 2007 - My Sister's Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Millie!

Today is my sister's birthday - happy happy birthday to you to you! But I'm still not giving you any more hints about what your presents are!! But here are some dancing bears (she's crazy about bears) for you - a painting by William Holbrook Beard.

And here are the sketches done Saturday in our last open figure session at Manifest until the new year. Jerry said the one in greens looks like he's wearing flippers - maybe I can make him a merman? That one was done with yellow pastel pencil and then blue pastel pencil over that for shading. The second one was back to graphite and I think is better proportioned.


Ann Buckner said...

A Belated Happy Birthday to Millie from me too, Rhonda! She shares her birthday with my twin nephews.

I really enjoyed the finish of the heron. You did a spectacular job on painting the bird. Now I am looking forward to your update on the cow.


RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Ann. I'll tell Millie when she comes by this evening :) The little highland steer will be done today so check back!