Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007 - Free Rice + Hollyhocks Update

I just found this site from another blogger's site (
It not only challenges and improves your vocabulary, it gives free rice through the United Nations to hungry people around the world. Go there. Play. Do it. It's fun and it's for a good cause and it doesn't cost you a thing but a few minutes of your time. And says it's true - they get the donations due to advertising at the bottom of the site (which I didn't even see while "playing.")

I was going to glaze more color on the painting of hollyhocks today. But I worked out and after that, got a horrific migraine - took a pill - feel slightly better but still pretty awful so no painting today. And I shouldn't be online browsing blogs and sites but I refuse to lie down in a dark room (besides, my neighbor is blowing leaves with a loud, buzzing, annoying leaf blower - those things should really be outlawed!!).
Anyway, the plan was to make the shadows of the flower petals with Cobalt Violet Deep glazed over the Rhodonite Genuine and the shadows of the stem and leaves with Cobalt Violet Deep glazed over the Permanent Green Light. That's my three colors this time. So check back tomorrow and see if I'm able to do anything but whine about how bad I feel and how loud that leaf blower is right now......grrrr.....ouch....


Anonymous said...

Reading through your site I felt like I was reading my own writing...not enough time...migraines...fat kitties...watercolor many ideas and not enough time...checking Snopes first (I hate it when people don't and forward on those stupid hoax emails)! I can so relate! I love your 3 color paintings. What a fun idea to just pick three and go for it. Your work watercolors are wonderful. I love the boat painting. I'm a big fan of Bloglilly too!

RH Carpenter said...

Jana! I'm a big fan of your work and have your bookmarked as a favorite so I often check what you're up to :) Ah, maybe we are sisters of the soul? Myrna Wacknov got many of us doing the 3 color challenges and they are fun and interesting and make you work for it at times when you pick some odd combinations :) I try to choose a subject to paint after I pick the colors - it helps.