Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday, December 7, 2007 - Baking Cookies and...

Baking cookies for a holiday party my husband has with the TriState Photography group. And also had to run some errands (shopping list in hand for gifts) and get a haircut and color today (I was overdue, I think, considering how my hair looked). And, unfortunately, I got a migraine today - those are popping up more frequently than usual and I'm blaming the weather for now.

And in between those things, I painted on my little Highland steer and made some holiday cards. I've decided to take all the cards we've received over the last few years (yes, I've saved them - don't know why - just did) and cut and paste and rearrange and make new cards for family and close friends. It's slow going - think I should have begun this a month ago. We'll see how it goes and how many I get done by the Christmas gatherings. I'll show some tomorrow as well as the steer in progress. And Myrna should have a slideshow of the entries so far for the challenge sometime today or tomorrow on her blog at

FYI - The Cincinnati Art Club is having their annual holiday sale tomorrow and Sunday. It starts at noon both days and I've heard that some items are as low as $5 - yep, $5!! So go on over to 1021 Parkside Place in Mt. Adams and check it out if you're looking for something different for someone on your list. I intend to drop by after figure drawing since I'll be coming that way to get home.

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