Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 - Waiting for the Cable Guy

I did some light housecleaning today. (I clean my house once a month whether it needs it or not!) and laundry. And waiting for the cable guy to show up to replace cables that are coming loose and causing the tv to lose color - not all color but just the warms which tends to make everyone a Herman Munster green when the cable shifts. What other business can tell you "We'll be there between 8am and noon," and have you wait for them?

While waiting, I worked on something Myrna Wacknov recommended: taking various artist papers, I tinted them with pale washes of watercolor paper. I used masa, hosho, other artist papers and some watercolor paper (cut from a painting I never finished and wasn't going to finish).

I will let them dry and then cut them into squares and rectangles to be glued onto watercolor paper to create my grid.

The plan is to paint on the watercolor paper and artist papers, creating a neat grid of different textures and designs. We'll see how it goes. And what should I paint? Perhaps I should incorporate 2 challenges and do the posterization painting Myrna is working on, too? I've chosen a nude from http://www.livemodelbooks.com/

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