Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday, November 8, 2007 - Class Work Tuesday, GCWS Wednesday

I usually don't leave my blog static for more than a day or two unless I'm out of town - but had a bit of a slump since Tuesday morning (unusual for me, but it does happen).

Tuesday in class we worked on Masa paper (a type of "rice" paper) and had our flowers drawn out and ready to transfer onto the Masa to paint. Taking a sheet of masa paper, we crumpled it up in our hands into a tight ball, then put it in water and brought it out, squeezing it a bit more to make even more crinkles. Then we put our outline drawing underneath the masa paper and put down a very pale first layer of paint on the masa paper but not painting the drawing yet - just using it for a guide to see where to leave whites. Then we transferred our value study drawings to the masa paper. You can't see the graphite marks of the drawing on the masa paper but it's there and ready for the next step. Unfortunately, that's as far as I got because I had to leave class early with a sinus headache (my head is a barometer - whenever a new front comes in, my head tells me!)

Wednesday = Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society meeting. The group stayed after a demo by Sandy Maudlin (our president and my watercolor teacher) and painted holiday cards. Here are a couple Sandy did in her demo (the 3rd one is on yupo - and nobody I've seen does yupo better than Sandy).

Sandy then gave these little cards away - to whomever could answer her "quiz" about her favorite watercolor artist of all time and her favorite artist of all time (non-watercolor). I didn't keep track of who received these little beauties but I thought it was very generous and now know her fave wc artist = JMWTurner and her fave artist = GKlimt and she highly recommends any dvds or videos of George James to see how yupo is done.

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