Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday, November 3, 2007 - Fall Things Again + Figure Studies

I revised the Reflected Foliage painting a bit - more darks in the bottom now and maybe leads the eye better around?
And also worked on the Tulip Leaf a bit more.And almost finished with my SWAP painting - the last layer has been poured and the misket is off and I just have to touch up some areas a bit. It will be ready for the mail Monday :)

And here are the 2 figure drawings I did this morning. We had a model I'd never seen before, a short, stocky guy so I had to check to make sure the limbs weren't too long. Having skipped last week's session for a trip away, I felt stiff and it was hard to get back to drawing and feeling loose. Did the first with vine charcoal to lay in the shape and then charcoal pencils to finish.

The second one I went back to my graphite pencils and used an F - a hard lead and tried to put in the lines lightly at first, layering the shadows.

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