Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007 - Open Figure Session and Balluminaria at Eden Park

Went to Open Figure Session this morning 10 - 12. Here is the only sketch I did (graphite HB pencil) other than the few warm-up gesture drawings I did in vine charcoal.

Sandy M. says all the heads on my figures are too big so I have to watch that but unsure how - if I start with the head, which I always do, then I measure the head against other body parts and lengths, how can I make the head too big?'s a conundrum. Maybe I'm not measuring correctly and need to measure more and draw less :)

So I measured more often today, especially since he was turned and I had to check his middle and chest a few times.

Jerry and some photogs from the
TriState Photo group are carpooling
and meeting at Eden Park this evening
to see and photograph the annual Balluminaria. If you're interested in
going and seeing Mirror Lake and the
hot air balloons, here is the info:

Date and Time: Nov. 24th, 4 - 6 PM
Location: Eden Park, Mirror Lake
Description: Balluminaria! (Rain Date Nov. 25)
Join us to light up the Cincinnati sky. Holiday Music, Santa Claus with Candy Canes for Kids, Mounted Police, Free Balloon Animals and Hats, Hot Chocolate & Roasted Almonds and more!

And here is one of Jerry's photos from last year:

The balloons are tethered to the ground all around Mirror Lake and light up all at once or alternating on and off with its neighbors, creating some great reflections. It doesn't get any prettier than when they start lighting them up at sunset - which should be around 5:15 or so...bundle up and go out and enjoy!


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


I admire your evolving drawing skills! I think that his head size does seem proportioned well this time and like how you showed the muscle anatomy. The only nitpick would be his right eye seems off somehow, like it isn't tracking the same as his left eye? Like I said, a small nitpick.

Tell Jerry that his balloon photo is super, stupendous, wonderful, etc. Those reflections on the still water, the glowing balloons and the colorful dusk sky all combine to make a wonderful photo and he caught it all.

Good job by the both of you!


RHCarpenter said...

Thanks so much, Susan. I did have problems with his eyes! You caught that right away - I doubt I'll do anything else with this, though, as it's just a sketch from class and I never see those poses or maybe even that model again!
I'll tell Jerry you liked his photo, too!