Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tuesday, Mar. 20, 2007 - Geisha No. 5 Framed

Well, after some hassle picking out a frame I liked that I could also afford, Sandy helped me choose one. Then found out it was out of stock so had to choose another larger one, same pattern. And all this while I had the headcold from hell and couldn't think! Such is life...
Geisha No. 5 will be entered in the Fitton Center show - work to be hand delivered March 29-31. She is matted in white with a red inner core - looks good - and the frame is 2 inches wide (not too big for it at all). The pattern in the frame is beautiful - a soft blurred cherry blossom print with dark lines like calligraphic strokes on it. I can't get a good photo of it but it really adds to the look of the piece.
So here she is, in her finest: Geisha No. 5 - Red Umbrella
Watercolor and gouache on gold-gessoed paper.

Sorry, I need Jerry to take a better photo of it before I take it away to the show to be chosen (I hope). It was on a slant in the sunroom because I was trying to not get lights in the glass showing back at me.

Without mat and frame:

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