Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Put the last one away to sit for a while - I'll decide what it needs later.

Started with pulling things together to sketch, then started on the painting (a full sheet - 22 x 30 inches - Arches 300# cold press paper).

The lamp, the sugar bowl and the creamer were all my grandmother's things.  Her name was Rosa so I want to incorporate her name into the title...later it will come to me.

Don't know why I changed the color of the bag in back to quin gold but I did, so there! ha ha  Added a few little eggs in the front of the ceramic birdie, too.  Need to remember to overlap and tie things together more in this one as I move along, even though I'm predrawing directly on the paper after doing my sketch.


E.M. Corsa said...

Okay, teach me a little about still life painting Rhonda. My first question is why you chose the items you did. Is there a relationship with the bag and eggs and such?

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda looks like these will make a great combination. Your creamer and sugar are exactly like mine on my dining room table. Made me think for a minute someone had borrowed mine : )!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

great lamp to paint :D another interesting combo of objects :)

RH Carpenter said...

Elizabeth, I am just working intuitively, somewhat, with these, feeling my way around, not following the rules but following the broken rules Shirley Trevena uses :) The bag was just a shape to put behind the lamp and I made it quin gold and copper iridescent to match the metalwork on the lamp - and that's why the eggs are that color, too. The eggs came about because I put the little bird there and she needed to have some eggs (and I needed something in that open space). So, mainly, I think about open space, overlapping things, textures and colors, as I work. Not sure I'm great at composition but I'm liking some of these and I think they are pretty good - some are horrid, though, and I have more work to do.

Thanks, Debbie. I'm glad you like them. I'm sure the sugar bowl and creamer are from my grandmother's house and haven't a clue where she got them. I have some really old things but don't think these are old, just sentimental objects I don't use so thought I'd put them in this one since it's about her.

E.M. Corsa said...

Thanks for explaining Rhonda. I'm always hoping to learn something new and you're wonderful at explaining things. I'm loving some of these too!