Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sunday, Feb. 11, 2007 - Surprise from a Friend

Yesterday I received a surprise in the mail. I thought it was a mistake. I got two boxes from One was an order I placed - one wasn't. Hmmm...reading the insert, I found out it was billed to my friend, Ron Ray! He had sent me a book on drawing by John Ruskin titled, The Elements of Drawing.

Thank you, Ron! What a sweet surprise for this old broad who's been grumpy for days!

And this gift makes me think about connections. Many people say the internet is a time-waster, a mess, full of junk. That's true. But it's also a way for we humans to make connections to other humans we normally would never come in contact with in our lifetimes. We can talk and chat and share - anything from a recipe to a sob story or our love of painting or tango dancing. What a world we live in!

And I got my Border's gift certificate at the birthday celebration last night + a gift certificate coming from for more art supplies :) I am a happy girl!

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