Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday, Feb. 12, 2007 - Eyes

In class today I showed the 3 horrible portraits I've been trying of the redhaired girl. I've really been doing lousy work on these. I worked more on the first portrait of the redhaired girl with the dreadlocks. Sandy helped me with the nose (laying down masking tape to reshape the area, she had me lift out and blot and lift out and blot until I got back to almost white paper there and a better shape - but she just couldn't get through to me how to do the eyes so she finally just did a study for me of eyes and I watched very carefully and knew what she was doing and then did my own set beneath her set and - yuck! Oh's a difficult learning process to get the features right but I will learn.

Then I finally just gave up, gave Sandy the painting and told her to "have at it!" and she did lift some whites, shape some things better, work on the eyes - so whatever is good about this portrait belongs to Sandy Maudlin, not me. And I will keep this portrait was started by me - but made to look more human by Sandy Maudlin :)


Kathy Nesseth Art said...

Your blog looks wonderful Rhonda and I enjoyed looking at all the wonderful work you've turned out in such a short time. Please link me to your blog if you wouldn't mind;

RH Carpenter said...

Got you covered, Kathy :) I'd love to be linked to your blog, too.