Saturday, February 17, 2007

Friday, Feb. 16 - Art Supplies

In the last 2 days I received 3 orders from Daniel Smith (, Dick Blick (, and Cheap Joe's ( for art supplies! It's like a holiday around here opening boxes and sorting out the things - all purchased with gift certificates I received for Christmas or birthday in December and January :) What fun!

Now I know you artists will want to know what I got - a set of Inktense pencils which I've been wanting to try, a smaller, more compact travel bag to carry back and forth to class (the large Pittman I had was killing me because I was carrying everything in there!). I also got an Arches travel journal, a sketch and wash pencil, some tortillons for blending pencil and charcoal sketches. And best = a new palette from Cheap Joe's from Homee - it's watertight and blue with a large white mixing area inside and it fits in the bottom of my new travel bag. Whoo-eeeee!!! Now if that doesn't inspire you to create, what will? My new bag is sitting on top of a new Jasper tray (a plastic tray like a porcelain butcher tray - but plastic), and a new Arches coldpress 140# block of watercolor paper - 10" x 14"

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rich,

I was thinking of a Pittman but when I measured it out it seemed way too big. Who makes and sells the new bag you have pictured?