Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Took this one outside into the sunroom and got a more accurate picture as far as the colors go...but still not a good painting. So still a do-over with another idea about that moss and how to paint it.

Instead of worrying over this one, I watched the waves DVD again and painted along, stopping to let the paint dry as needed. I was a bit timid about the color at first so it was pretty pale when I began.

Not finished yet - but I'll get it done today and maybe start on another one...or another crow...whichever calls to me at the time.

This is on a 10" x 14" block of Arches coldpress paper.


Lisa Walsh said...

No worries, Rhonda. I have enough experimental artistic boo-boos lying around to wallpaper my living room. Sometimes it takes a lot of finding out what doesn't work before you find what does. And what does work is your wave picture! I love the light coming through the top of the left side. It already has a great glow, and is going to be gorgeous.

Vicki Greene said...

I LIKE your wave! I must watch that dvd again and give it a go.

RHCarpenter said...

Lisa, thanks for posting :) I do have a few of these boo-boos that I tell myself are just learning experiences! I finished the wave painting and will post it later.
Vicki, I know you can do the wave and probably better than I did - it just takes learning the steps and when to stop and let things dry!