Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sometimes you Feel like a Nut

Returned to the unfinished painting of the Australian Gum Nuts (photo by Joy McKenzie in OZ). This was started with fluid acrylics very watery and flowing. But I just didn't feel like finishing it. So got it back out in class Tuesday morning and worked with watercolors mixed with matte medium (so they become more permanent and like acrylics) since I didn't take my fluid acrylics. Well, made such a mess I just put it under the sink and poured water, rubbing the color off with my hands. And this is what I left with:
This morning I get out the fluid acrylics again and started working on it again. It's coming along, I think. It's in the drying process right now and I started with the greens and background stuff and then sprayed some of the paint off to get some batik look (cannot get the look Nick Simmons does but hey, he's been doing it more than 2 times so far! ha ha).
Will share when it dries and I get a photo (after a haircut and color this afternoon).


Nick said...

I like this one a lot Rhonda - bordering the abstract and real, the best of both worlds. Great palette too.

RHCarpenter said...

Well, hope you don't hate it in the next version, Nick. Trying to get some stronger value contrasts right now. However, if it doesn't turn out to be satisfactory, I'll just have to try again in pure watercolor (someday I may get that fluid acrylic batik look but right now I should just stick to what I know - what little there is of that!).