Monday, October 6, 2008

Pen and Ink Added + New Monthly Project Painting

I did add some pen and ink to the "Hobbit" House and it looks better but still not great.

The alpaca painting I tore up and threw in the round file. No saving it. Sometimes you just know there's no hope and no reason to spend another minute on it.

I did begin the latest Monthly Project at WatercolorWorkshop - photo by Gina Hall. I'll be doing some glazing wet-in-wet for this one to get the apples right - and I removed a few of the apples.


Dawn said...

looking good Rhonda, the ink helps the hobbit house and I will await your next photo of the apples.

Claudia said...

Rhonda, this looks good! And referring to the Alpaca painting I remember an artist saying that only one of about ten paintings of him were really successful - so don't worry (the artist is one of the most famous wc artists in Europe - Bernhard Vogel!
Kind regards and happy painting!

Nava said...

Nice start for the apples - you have great contrast between the roundness and the linear shapes.

I actually like the hobbit house with the ink lines. Is Chemainus that little town near Victoria. where they have all those wonderful murals all over the place?

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

I think your new version of the Hobbit House with the ink additions would make a charming notecard if you convert your paintings to notecards. It just has that charming appeal.

I am just today transferring the apple basket to the watercolor paper so hope to start splashing in the paint later. Yours is coming along nicely so far, with a good start.

RHCarpenter said...

The ink saved it from a disaster, Dawn :) Claudia, 1 out of 10 doesn't suit me but I know sometimes you do get bad ones in among the good ones. And to think back on the ones I really really like and am glad I can say I painted that - well, maybe less than 1 in 10! ha ha
Nava, yes, it's Chemainus! And this is an actual B & B!
Susan, I worked more on the apples in class yesterday after we had a very long show-and-tell session of what we'd all been doing since we broke for an extended break (while Sandy was off in Italy and I was in BC and others were here and there).