Thursday, October 9, 2008

My SWAP Painting to Gina

Now that Gina, my SWAP Partner, has received her gift from me in the mail, I can share him here with you. I was proud of the way I left the whites on this to make him shine and that he looks soft. So maybe I don't suck afterall as a painter (which is what is running through my mind today!).

Gina paints wonderful pet portraits of dogs and horses so I knew I didn't want to paint that - too much pressure - so painted an animal that is cute, cuddly, fuzzy, and has a handsome face. I knew she'd like it if I could do a good job on the painting. This is one of the male alpacas we visited at Blue Stone Alpaca Farm in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island. Loved those things - they came right up to you as if to say, "Hey, thanks for visiting? What's your name? What do you have there? Have any food? Want to take my picture?"

I ruined the apples in the basket and have started over with a pouring technique. Now, if I can just be patient enough to wait between each stage of pouring...and not touch it until then.

I've also begun a painting of a simple red pepper with a dramatic dark shadow (from WetCanvas' Image Library). I'll share it soon.

Apples below (this will be a poured painting - no brushwork until the darkest darks have to go in, if then). Using 1 yellow, 1 red, and 1 blue - for now. Will keep darkening using the same colors until I can't get what I want and then will add another color or two.


Ann Buckner said...

I was sorry to see that you "round filed" the apple/basket painting. It was coming along so well. Needless to say, I will be following your pour of the new basket of apples. The alpaca is sure a cutie. Bet Gina was thrilled.

Myrna said...

With watercolor, it seems every other day we all feel like we "suck". Looks like you are gaining mastery so keep it going. Looking forward to seeing how the "pours" progress.

RHCarpenter said...

If you'd seen what I did to it next, Ann, you'd know it didn't deserve anything more than the round file :( Sometimes I just can't stop myself from fiddling when I have no path to follow - better to leave it alone a day or two - but instead I keep going back in and messing!
Myrna, I can't believe at your level that you ever feel you suck - but I sure appreciate the support :)

Suzanne McDermott said...

Wow, Rhonda! The NorthWest was a great inspiration for you! The red gate, the hobbit house (regardless of your self-criticism), the magnificent Datura and this absolutely lovely alpaca are really remarkable results. A happy experience to mine with watercolors! Thanks for bringing these glimpses to light.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Suzanne! You've helped put in perspective a couple of really BAD paintings lately and I'm glad you stopped by. BTW, that last painting of your's really is fantastic!!!