Friday, October 10, 2008


The monthly project painting theme at WatercolorWorkshop is Harvest - whatever is still coming from your garden. I don't garden - I have the blackest of black thumbs, which is why I paint my flowers and vegetables. But I saw this wonderful photo from Wet Canvas (props go to "madmum" for her photo!) and I had to try it. But I didn't want the background to be white so...using the Carol Carter technique of 2 colors blending wet-in-wet, I used a dark green and a dark warm red for the background.

When that dried, I wet the shadow shape and wet in there with the same mix of darks, using the redder color closest to the pepper - that will be bright red (if I get it right).

This is only 1/8 sheet (seems I'm more comfortable right now with smaller work so I'm going with it) Arches 140# coldpress.

And I'm also slowly working on the poured painting of the Apple Basket, darkening the colors in stages. This one is 1/4 sheet so it might work, might not - can't ever say I'm overenthusiastic or unrealistic about my chances for success! ha ha

Because of the pour, it has a nice glow about it - I just need to decide where I want to direct the next pour that will darken some areas a bit.

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