Wednesday, December 9, 2009

TMC Sketch # 6 (and a 1/2)

Just a little graphite sketch done yesterday evening. It's a twisted piece of paper towel - I set it down and liked the look of it so looked at the clock, timed it, and sketched it.

Then I looked down on the floor and saw this bit of Smudge...tried to get it to look like a cat from a different angle. Didn't take but about 5 minutes because he then got up and moved away.


Ann Buckner said...

Happy to see you are still doing the TMC's. I can see improvement in your drawing skills because of these little exercises and your life classes. You have always had good observational skills. Now what are you going to sketch for #7?

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Ann. Well, I could sketch this coffee cup that always seems to be around me! haha