Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Sunday evening I watched Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson's DVD. She shares her collage technique, from sketch to acrylic underpainting, and final collage layering in a quick, thorough 30 minutes. I wished it was longer, but she told me everything she needed to tell me to do my own paper painting by the end of the 30 minute DVD. Plus, after the demo and instructions, I got to view a beautiful gallery showing of her work - some are "old friends" to me since I've been following her blog, but others were new - and all of them were vibrant, beautiful, and amazing work from a very talented lady.

I am definitely going to try this in the New Year and I recommend this DVD to you if you are interested in "paper paintings" and collage work to add to your repertoire in the future. It could take you in a very new and interesting direction for 2010!

Thanks, Elizabeth, for offering the DVD on your blog. (It's like a Christmas present for yourself if you buy one!)
For purchase, check out Elizabeth's blog at:

And check out a recent posting on Mary Beth Shaw's blog http://mbshaw.blogspot.com/2009/12/paper-art.html
to see some more amazing paper artists - she has a listing of them that will knock your socks off (lots of cut paper work that, frankly, I don't know how can be accomplished...it must involve math!)


jgr said...

Thank you for the info on Elizabeth's DVD, it sounds great! Also I like the portrait of your friend. The gesso'd surface is a great texture.
Boy, I know what you mean about the measurements too, it is a challenge to get things 'just right' LOL

Ginny Stiles said...

Oh Rhonda...thanks for the heads up on this interesting blog and interesting book...I think I might want to get it too. I've been toying with collage on and off for several years. My drawers are full of "bits". You know bits? Hahahaha. AND I love her collaged paint brushes. Aren't they fun. Every year our Fine Arts club decorates a tree differently. I think I know what we are going to do next year!!! Now I need to find some cheap brushes. Glad you are feeling better and trying to tackle a portrait. Good Lord! I am taking a watercolor portrait class in January. Scary.

RH Carpenter said...

Glad I'm helping pass the word - if you like collage work and painting, you'll enjoy this and it's easy to understand and follow. And I don't get a commission! ha ha

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

Rhonda, thanks so much for the wonderful post about my DVD! how generous of you to support another artist this way! I always appreciate your comments on my blog. Ginny bought the DVD on your referral and I hope she will enjoy it as much ad you have! Thanks again and Happy Holidays! I really like your portrait!

Feel free to email me images of collage work inspired by the DVD, I might like to post on my blog with some Q&A from the DVD, this could be helpful to folks working on the technique!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

oooooh so I'll have to treat myself then, for the 3 wise kings, or my birthday, or just because! will bookmark it right now, thanks for the recomendation Rhonda!

RH Carpenter said...

Elizabeth, it's my pleasure. Anyone who likes collage should get this :)
Teresa, yes, do treat yourself if you can get it mailed to Spain. If not, let me know and I'll get you set up with a copy. Is it the Three Wise Men or Three Wise Kings Day - Jan 6th, yes? And your birthday is the 4th!!!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

4th and 6th, YESH!!! is great to be a winter child, ain't it? you are too!
I was going to wait until jun 10th but I've seen in her blog that the dvd is outrageously cheap! so I'm gonna write to her and check on the mailing cost and order it asap, looks like she's mailed to UK already but if there's any problem on international shipping I'll talk to you and send you the money by paypal so you can order it for me, yes? you're awesome *hugs* Santa is gonna bring you sooo many lovely treats for being such a goooooood girl *hugshugshugs*

Unknown said...

Rhonda, Thanks for the heads up on Elizabeth's DVD. I just ordered it. I have been playing with watercolor collage and love it.