Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trickle Down - a bit more

I wasn't happy with the edges on this one so have cropped them - literally - off the edges. I like it better now but still have a bit to do to get it to look finished (and, hopefully, not overworked). For some reason right now my painting seems like work, so I think I'll stop for a while and read or watch a movie or something...

The temperature outside today is - wait for it - 70F!!! Unbelievable.

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Deb Léger said...

I like the colour in this Rhonda!

I know what you mean about a painting feeling like work. (Though this certainly doesn't look like it felt like that for you!) Seems like the entire past year or so it's been like that for me. But, thanks to some goodies from Christmas, a book about Art and Fear that Sandy recommended and better health, I think I'm ready to come back to painting. For fun!

We got your beautiful weather today - thanks for sending it. lol. Right now, we've got really high winds which is good after such a thaw - it's drying all the water. And a very fast drop in temps.