Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Playing with Sketches

I had some things sketched in my Exacompta sketch book, and I just played around with them with brush pens, ink, etc. Sometimes it's fun to just play.


Nava said...

"Just playing" can sometimes yield very cool results and take you to places you may never get to if you don't allow yourself to just have fun with art. Fun with art - what a weird concept, ha?

I really like the green and red abstract.

Ann Buckner said...

It is fun to just play and I really enjoyed #3 and 4 especially.

Fine job on the chocolate and the painting of your sister. Bet she was thrilled with it!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Nava and Ann :) for your comments. You do get some interesting things when you're just doodling over a previous sketch - basically, going back to "coloring" like a kid.
Ann, Millie didn't like the portrait because it looks like her :( She did tell Jerry is was good, though. I didn't finish it because I was sick all day Wednesday - just sinus stuff with the change in weather.