Saturday, December 20, 2008

Integrating the Great White Shape

Now we're painting! Integrating the GWS into the painting, leaving whites still, but getting rid of those we don't need. Thinking about color temperature and COI and shaping things.

While I was painting, I felt myself getting tight and tense and unsure where I was going - so I splattered paint - and I like it - it will fit in with the vines when I paint them in and around.

Jerry looked at it and said, "Well, I can't tell. How do you think it's going?" Tactful, eh? ha ha

I'm going to let this one cogitate a while because I felt myself wanting to rush. So I started something else to paint also using the GWS = a photo of pitcher plants taken in Florida.

Here's the photo, the tracing of the photo on wc paper (after I enlarged it), and the GWS for this one (which I may not trace onto the wc paper unless I use a very pale color because I don't want it to show).


Suzanne McDermott said...

Looking good!

Vicki Greene said...

I love your splatters. I really enjoy watching you develop a painting. I am sure that I will enjoy the picture plants also since I find them very interesting and keep saying that one day I will do a painting of them.

Ann Buckner said...

Agree, it is looking good.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

What a brave girl working on two GWS paintings at the same time. It still sounds very complicated to me so you have my deepest admiration. Looking forward to seing the vines appear.