Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gallery Salveo

Yesterday, Jerry and I drove up to Norwood (Rookwood Commons) and saw the Gallery Salveo show. My watercolor artist friend, Marilyn Bishop had paintings and prints in the show and I wanted to see them. It is well worth the drive there! Just on Edwards Road off I-71, on the 5th floor - turn into the parking garage after the Rookwood Commons sign and take the elevator up. Lots of gorgeous artworks there. I really liked Marilyn's and 3 were my favorites: Morning Moon and Whisper I and Magnolia Mambo

I also fell in love with Mary Barr Rhodes' mixed media pieces titled Coppered Wetlands I and Copper Wetlands II. They were both sooo beautiful and serene and I got one of those "I wish I had painted that" feelings when I stood in front of them.

The photography of Bill Paul was Jerry's favorites and he had a lot of praise for his work. I liked everything he had in the show, too.

So, if you get a chance during this holiday rush, drive on over and see the show. It's worth your time and the space is big and open and wonderful to walk around and take your time viewing each piece.

Today = class to finish some pieces and our class party :) So do you think we'll really paint today? Maybe - also Sandy is going to do a demo for us while we eat and talk and eat and share presents and cards and eat and...well, you get the idea. Stay away, old snow and ice, until our party's over and we're all back safe and sound at home....

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