Monday, December 29, 2008

Purples and Other Colors

To check out the colors I use, go to
and see some great combos and mixes.
And check out the Daniel Smith catalog online at
to see all DS colors.

I tried to photograph and also scan the 4 violets I use but they came out too blue each time no matter what I set my white balance on. I couldn't match the color I get when I put the paint to paper.
I use Carbazole Violet (Semi-transparent and medium staining),
Cobalt Violet Deep and Ultramine Violet (both Transparent but granulating and low staining),
and I have Quinacridone Violet (which is more a reddish violet) and is transparent and very staining.

What's your favorite purple out of the tube - or what is your favorite mix of red and blue to get a good, clean purple?


debwardart said...

How about Indanthrone Blue + Quin. Rose (or French Ultramarine + Quin. Rose). I also have a Rembrandt Mauve I really like.

I can concur with the Daniel Smith colors, very saturated pigments! Not only that, but when you order by phone the people are so knowledgeable and helpful - (maybe we need to get a commission from them!)

Try "Trickle Down" again - I've done some paintings 3-4 times before I'm satisfied - and you will learn something more each time.

RH Carpenter said...

Deb, I have a lot of blues and reds I use for purples, too. I may have to play with them and see how many different varieties I can come up with - it's fun to just make swatches sometimes.
I will do Trickle Down again - I am cogitating on it right now (meaning delaying starting over at this very moment - ha ha)

cathyswatercolors said...

I have a blog question?? Do you know how to unflag your blog? My pictures aren't showing up and I can't unflag my blog because I can't find my navabar:(

RH Carpenter said...

Cathy, the Flag Button at the top of the blog should be used to flag objectionable blogs, not your own - unless I'm reading the info incorrectly. Also, it says the Navbar is there by default at the top of every blog - I have never used mine - didn't pay any attention to it at all. Maybe this will help: said...

Out of the tube - Dioxine Purple - I don't use it however.

Mixed - Ultramarine Deep, Alizarine Crimson Permanent

Happy New Year - hope you can stay on your feet you look to fall over any second.

RH Carpenter said...

Happy New Year, Bill - yes, I'm tipping quite a bit - must be the thoughts of that 52nd birthday coming up soon :(