Monday, April 11, 2011


The opening was well attended with lots of people milling about and eating all the goodies :)  Beautiful show with enough watercolors to make the watercolorists proud.  Here are some photos Jerry took for me to share.

This one is mine, of course. 

And the next one is by Shirley Knollman (our former President of the watercolor society and now chairperson of the upcoming art show our group will be having at the same gallery).

It's a batik and watercolor painting on "rice paper."

And this is me and Shirley hamming it up for the camera.

This was before either of us heard that we didn't get an award :(  After that, I went and ate some brownies - they were really good! ha ha

There were 20+ watercolors in the show and 20+ oils with the rest being pastels, acrylics, prints, photographs (2 of those), and even some fused glass and jewelry made it into the show.  73 pieces in all and it looks really good.  I would have had a hard time choosing the winning pieces. 

I know Deb Ward will have more information and photos on our watercolor society blog soon so check there if you want to see more paintings from the members of our group.

One of my favorite watercolors paintings at the show is by Karen Pettit.  Back when I was taking classes every Tuesday, Karen was 2 seats down from me.  She always painted something beautiful and this is no exceptiong - except it's not in her usual pale, pastel colors but has such a beautiful depth and color scheme.  I really loved it!  Karen is a sweetheart, too and it's always great to see good people succeed - and I would say this painting is a big success!


Christiane Kingsley said...

Thank you, Rhonda, for sharing these pictures with us. Your painting looks so great, especially now that it is framed and on the wall of a prestigious show:-) Congratulations again!

Jane said...

Luckily there were brownies to take away the blues!!
Even if it would have been better to win a price , it is always great just to participate :-))
Thank you for sharing with great photos.

Gaylynn said...

WE both choose the same WC to post and talk about, haha. Great minds... :-)

Gretchen Bjornson ART said...

Nice job ladies! Looks like fun!

Carol Blackburn said...

Sorry you didn't win an award, deserve one in my book! It never hurts to have a brownie to lift your spirits; just watch out because two might weigh you down.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Christiane, Jane, Gaylynn, Gretchen and Carol.

Jane, I only had one!! I was trying to be good.

Gaylynn, my sister and I both said this was definitely one of our favorites. Karen was in class with me way back when and she's a great lady as well as a great painter.

Carol, I could have eaten another but my sister is being very good on her diet and I didn't want to tempt her - that's my excuse, anyway.

Harry Kent said...

Brownies! I know the feeling, Rhonda. But hey, it was great to be selected for exhibition, it is great seeing your work on the wall, an nice pic of you as well. Well done!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Harry! A brownie will ALWAYS make you feel better - perhaps they should award brownies to all those who don't get monetary awards? ha ha It was great to see the work on the wall - a bit of a boost with all the other good works there.