Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Rain and more rain.  That's about the size of it.  Rain pooling on the sidewalk, rain dripping down your back, rain seeping into everything everywhere.  Flooded roads, hydroplaning.  Rain and more rain.  And more rain to come.  Not sure where all this rain is going to go and I'm hoping it stays outside.  Awakened this morning around 1:30 am by a flash and POW of lightning that had to hit something close to be that loud.  Tried to go back to sleep.  Then 2 firetrucks came down the road and the men ran over to the neighbor's house.  False alarm but plenty of excitement that kept me awake until 4:00 am.  And more storms coming through tonight.

I think to lift my spirits, I need to start something new in warm colors with bright hot spikes of red and yellows...just a thought.  Perhaps the flashing lights of the firetrucks this morning made me think of reds?

And today is Jenny's birthday!


Sorry about all the rain :(


Gary L. Everest Paintings said...

Hi Rhonda,
Though I certainly understand your aversion to seemingly endless rain...I doubt it could come close to the REALLY ENDLESS RAIN we've had here in the last few months. And we don't receive nearly as much as Astoria. I'm always surprised that the town hasn't washed into the sea on any given day.
Of course, the joke around here is that on the 4th of July, the water is switched off until late October or November and we're dry as a bone for three or four months. Luckily, the ground has enough water soaked in to last about two years!
May the sun shine tomorrow for you and I did work on your portrait today. I think it's pretty darn near finished...but you know how that goes.
Have a great day tomorrow.

Jane said...

I suppose today is not the best of all days after an almost sleepless night...wishing you some sun in the near future. And here we need rain, everything is so dry!! Can you believe it?

RH Carpenter said...

Gary, I really cannot complain when compared to you artists in Washington and Oregon! Rain and mist and rain. I'm watching a new series on AMC called The Killing - set in Seattle, every scene it is raining! Our ground is so saturated and the rivers and streams so high - crops will be rotting in the ground if we don't get a week or two of dry weather soon. Mother Nature is being unfriendly (perhaps we're being paid back for not being so friendly to her all these years?). I look forward to seeing the final painting - but no rush. An artist must take time, ponder, revise, be sure (or maybe not sure but more sure?).

Jane, two sleepless nights in a row now with storms and tornado warning sirens going off at 2 am - ugh! Sun will come. Wishing you some of our rain :)

Ann Buckner said...

Hope you had sunshine today ((((Rhonda)))). If not, it should be heading your way tomorrow while our area is forecasted for more storms. Hope no tornadoes. In the meantime, home you have a good book to read, a painting to finish or begin, and a get a good nap.

RH Carpenter said...

Ann, we seem to get straight-line winds of 80-100 mph but no tornadoes - although that's not much comfort to those who lost buildings, roofs, etc. We're good and sunshine today - then more storms coming. Stay safe!