Monday, April 4, 2011


Oh, not another painting of peeps?  Yes, sorry, I seem to be having too much fun with these to quit.  Plus I'm learning more about colors that create the textures I'm looking for in the birdies. 

That Cobalt Violet Deep really makes the texture without a bit of salt added so won't add any to this one (it wouldn't work on the yellow, anyway).

This one is on a piece of Twinrocker paper, too - 9" x 10"

The yellow is really a bright lemony Hansa Yellow Light color - but it's showing up awfully pale with no oomph here - guess it's the camera's fault!


Jane said...

Well I think having fun is what it is all about, so keep it up Rhonda:-))

RH Carpenter said...

Yes, perhaps it shouldn't be a struggle unless we really want it to be :)