Monday, April 25, 2011


I had this one framed at Bowman's, my local frame shop.  It's 7" x 7" for the painting and the finished size with mat and frame is 13" x 13".

I should hear today about the Manifest Magnifient 7 Show and whether I got in or not.

(Sorry about the glare of the flash in the glass.  I just snapped the photo as it was hanging on the wall in the living room where it will stay if it doesn't get into the show.)

On a happy note:  My painting in the Woman's Art Club of Cincinnati juried show, And Your Point Is...?, is now SOLD!!!  Yay for me :)  I was happy to hear that the painting got a lot of positive comments, too. 

(You can find a larger version of the painting in previous posts if you search for the title.) 

I will now have to come up with two new paintings for the June show at the same location but featuring my watercolor society members.  But no worries, I have plenty of crow paintings!


Christiane Kingsley said...

First, your newly framed painting looks great. I really like the angle of the table...that adds a lot to the composition!
Second, wow! congratulations on your sale! It's always so exciting and rewarding (not just financially) to sell a painting!

jgr said...

Congratulations to you Rhonda!! This is very exciting. I really like all of your crow paintings, too. and the previous post of the yupo . . . great texture!

Gary L. Everest Paintings said...

Hi Rhonda,
It's raining again here this morning, but nothing can put a damper on your sale!
My Maestro always said, "When people give up their hard-earned money for your work--that's the truest compliment".
It looks great and I'm not at all surprised that's it's now, really out there.
Congratulations and here's to many more!
Money for art...gee...I've heard about that...ah-h-h, it's probably like Unicorns and space aliens.
Have a great day.

Jane said...

Rhonda congratulations on your sale...THAT is good news, so who cares about rain :-).
And "Just the Two of Us " really look good framed.

Carrie'sCreations said...

Just love your peeps. Sending you good vibes on getting into the show. And Congrats on a sale:)

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Christiane. The photo didn't have this so I just added a table edge at a diagonal = less static than straight behind them.

Jane, thanks so much :)

Gary, raining here today,too, and tomorrow and the next day :( Ah, well. I was pleased that the painting sold - it's not about the money but about the fact that someone liked it enough to pay something for it :) And money for art is as rare as unicorns but you do get a glimpse of one every now and then. Your work should be shown and in galleries and selling - you are too good to hide your light under a bushel :)

Thanks, Jane and Carrie! I just heard the jury selection is delayed until Wednesday = so many entries! That doesn't bode well for my little peeps, I know, but I gave it a shot :)

Tim Robinson said...

The pieces look great framed!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much, Tim. Hope the film is going well.

Michelle Himes said...

Congratulations on the sale. That's awesome!

Good luck with "Just the Two of Us". I hope it makes it into the show. It's cute and different, so it has a good chance.

Gaylynn said...

Congratulations Rhonda on the sale! How exciting. Waiting to hear and wishing you luck in getting your little peeps in the show.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much, Michelle and Gaylynn!

Vicki Greene said...

Congratulations on the sell of your painting. The peeps look great framed!

Debbie said...

Rhonda.... This morning I discovered what 'Peeps' were..... !!!!!!!!!! We don't have them here so I must add that I was a bit stumped when I saw the first post of your peeps, I had no idea what on earth you had painted... that's why I said that they reminded me of salt and pepper cellars my gran had :) Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend..... and your peeps!
Congrats on your sale. I love your crows BTW!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Vicki and Debbie! Debbie, I guess Peeps are an American mystery - created in Philadelphia at the JustBorn company (they make many kinds of candies), they are the ubiquitious sign of spring in the US - you love them or hate them. My Sweetie puts them in the microwave and heats them just enough that they are warm inside = yuck!!! They even have an annual competition to make artistic things with peeps - in Washington, DC every year people make dioramas using peeps. We must be a crazy bunch over here :)

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Bravo, Rhonda!!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Pam :)